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Start your child’s school year off with a bright smile. See your Orthodontist in Richmond VA to place your child’s oral health on track to success this school year!

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to integrate good oral health habits into your child’s daily routine. Monitor your child’s daily oral hygiene habits to ensure quality care to your child’s smile. Good daily habits include brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush and flossing before and after school. Avoid any mint flavors for children, as they are too strong for a sensitive palate. Daily dental hygiene habits are more easily formed when a child enjoys the flavor of their toothpaste and floss. Also, there are many oral care products available that cater to those who have braces. Be sure to ask your Richmond Orthodontist  about recommended oral care products for your child.

When packing your child’s lunch, consider healthy options. Avoid acidic juices that cause tooth enamel erosion. Instead, select drinks that are low in sugar, such as milk and water. Milk is an excellent calcium source to develop strong healthy teeth. Too much sugar in food and beverages, can cause cavities. Healthy eating habits will support a healthy smile.

The Richmond VA Orthodontist recommends a six-month check up with a family dentist to promote optimal dental health throughout the school year.  Also, an orthodontic screening may be recommended for your child’s developing smile. Early orthodontic care with our Orthodontist in Richmond Virginia can guide the growth of the jaw and incoming permanent teeth. Early orthodontic treatment can help reduce the chances of needing more complicated surgical dental treatment later.

Remember, good dental hygiene is the key to overall wellness. Practice good dental habits to succeed with your dental health this school year! Also, be sure to contact the Orthodontist in Richmond and schedule a consultation for your child.