Richmond Orthodontist

“I am so glad I chose Horsey Orthodontics for my treatment. I feel as if I have known them for years. I truly appreciate Horsey Orthodontics.  People are always fascinated when they learn I have braces.   It’s kind of fun to see their reaction when I tell them they are behind my teeth.”  – Candid P.

“I love having Incognito braces and don’t want them taken off!  When I tell folks I have braces, they are puzzled. I tell them they are the new ones behind my teeth, you know the cool ones!” Rebecca G.

“Dr. Horsey is Awesome. He is always on time and has a friendly staff.”  -Angel S.

“I absolutely love Horsey Orthodontics. The Dr. comes in to visit you during the comp consultation, they take you on a tour of the facility and everyone stops and smiles when introducing themselves to you. Going into that office was a great experience. I cannot wait to start my treatment. I have always been afraid to get braces afraid the dr. would make mistakes. I have none of those fears with dr. horsey. xxxxxx . “  Barbara M.

“I love the staff at Dr. Horsey’s office! They are friendly and professional. The office uses the best technology, even signing in for check-ups and email reminders. They work with me on my crazy schedule and allowed me to come in a few minutes early so I could head out to a family dinner. I’ve had braces before, and my experience here beats the competition hands down. Dr. Horsey made a perfect evaluation of what I needed for my teeth and they look perfect! I would definitely recommend them.”  – Anonymous