An x-ray or radiograph is a diagnostic tool used to see inside the body. The purpose of panoramic radiographs is to provide an orthodontist with a complete horizontal view of a patient’s upper and lower teeth. A cephalometric image is a side view of a patient’s head.

Removable Appliance

An orthodontic appliance that is removable by the patient. Removable appliances are used to move teeth, align jaws, and retain teeth in their new positions after braces are removed.


An appliance that is worn following the removal of braces or the completion of aligner therapy. Retainers are fitted to upper and/or lower teeth to maintain their final positions. After active treatment has ended, retainers are the most effective tool available for minimizing unwanted tooth movement.

Rubber Bands

A small elastic band (rubber band) may be worn during certain stages of treatment in order to facilitate the movement of individual teeth or the alignment of the jaws.