Hawley Retainer

An orthodontic retainer called a Hawley retainer consists of a thin metal wire connected to a hard plastic or acrylic plate. The retainer is molded to your mouth so that it fits comfortably on the roof of your mouth, with the wire settling against the front of your top teeth.


A headgear is an orthodontic appliance used to support proper jaw alignment and growth, as well as correct bite issues. There are several types. Typically, headgear is recommended for children whose jaw bones are still growing. In contrast to braces, headgear is partially worn outside the mouth.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is an orthodontic device designed to correct bite discrepancies, such as an overbite, by aligning the upper and lower jaws. An Herbst appliance works by gently pulling the upper jaw backward while applying forward pressure to the lower jaw, gradually aligning both the upper teeth and bottom jaw. It is a permanent appliance that is attached to the back molars.

Holding/Lingual Arch

Bands on upper or lower molars are connected using a bar/wire behind the teeth. This appliance is usually used to maintain space in the upper or lower arch.